Event Policies

Ah, yes…with freedom comes responsibility and with the fun, a few rules to ensure everyone has a blast!

Art Car/Mutant Vehicles Policies

Art Cars are an essential way to move around on the playa. Mutant Vehicles can transport Apogaeans from Theme Camp to the Effigy in style. Learn what it takes to create and bring an Art Car/Mutant Vehicle to the Apogaea.

»Art Car/Mutant Vehicles Policies

Art Grants/Funding Policies

Photo by Sam Ley

Photo by Sam Ley

Bringing art to Apogaea takes not only creativity, but some money, too. There are many grants available for artists to create and bring their art to Apogaea.

»Creative Grants/Funding Policies

Burning Man Principles

Radical Self-Reliance…Volunteerism…these are just a few of the Burning Man Principles that bring us together. Learn more or refresh your memory on the 10 Burning Man Principles.

»Burning Man Principles

Fire Safety

Fire safety is the number one aspect of being at Apogaea, and will be stressed above and beyond anything else.  Let your imagination think of all the reasons why a fire in our dry and precious mountains must be avoided.

»Current fire status and safety guidelines
»Fire safety for fire performers

Gate Information & Policies

Arriving at Apogaea takes a bit more than just showing up. Things like gate hours, what you need to bring and what to expect when you arrive is different for each regional burn.

»Gate Information & Policies

Parking & Camping

As Apogaea grows, so does the need for parking. This includes community members who have trailers or RVs. Check out what you can expect for parking at Apogaea and information on how to register Theme Camp, RVs and trailers.

»Parking & Camping

How to Get Kicked Out

Apogaea welcomes individuals, however there are a few rules needed for the whole event/community. Review the list on how to stay within the Apogaea border and not get evicted from the event.

»Apogaea Attendee Policies

Photo and Video Policy

Photo by Wizard Who

Photo by Wizard Who

Photography and videography are forms of radical self-expression. These policies are not meant to limit this creative expression, but to protect both artist and participant. Please take a moment to make yourself aware of the photo and video policies.

»Photo and Video Policy

Sound Policies

For camps or individuals who are using amplified sound at Apogaea, there are specific policies. Learn the difference between large and small sound camps plus how to register your camp for sound.

»Sound Policies

Survival Guide

From the seasoned veteran to the newest of noob, the Survival Guide is important for everyone to review. Read how to prepare for the terrain/weather, what to bring and more!

»Survival Guide

Theme/Sound Camp Policies

Part of the Apogaea village is the wonderful Theme and Sound Camps. These creative and interactive spaces located throughout Apogaea are the perfect place to learn something new, dance the afternoon away or strut your stuff on the catwalk.

»Theme/Sound Camp Policies