Be Safe with Lasers!

With freedom comes responsibility. We know you’re not out to harm anyone, but did you know lasers can cause blindness? Register your stationary laser today.

Handheld Lasers are Dangerous and Not Allowed

Laser show over BRC, 2011 (Photo by Mark Peterson)

At Burning Man 2014, a Ranger was permanently blinded in one eye and partially blinded in the other by a handheld laser used in an irresponsible manner. Burning Man has banned handheld lasers and has encouraged regional events to follow suit. For this reason handheld lasers shall not be used in any capacity at Apogaea.

“When handheld lasers first came onto the scene, they were expensive and not very powerful. In recent years, they have become stronger and more easily accessible. Lasers are now so powerful that even the handheld ones can do permanent damage to somebody standing 10 miles away. And that, by any definition, by any standard, is a weapon. And dangerous weapons — ones that can permanently and irreparably injure somebody standing literally on the other side of Black Rock City — really have no place at Burning Man.”

And since we are here for the safety of all participants, handheld lasers have no place at Apogaea.

Registered Stationary Lasers are Permitted

Following suit with Burning Man’s new stationary laser policy, stationary lasers must abide by FDA regulations at Apogaea. These regulations can be found here on pages 18 and 19. Stationary lasers MUST be registered in advance with placement. Placement will inspect lasers upon installation. Lasers found violating these rules are not permitted.