During the Event

You are responsible for your own experience.

Law Enforcement

Familiarize yourself with regard to all local, state and federal laws as you would in any municipality. Law enforcement is not expected at the event. But, please be respectful if you see any. We wish our interactions with all law enforcement to remain positive.


Rangers will be on duty throughout the event. Rangers are trained volunteers who are there to act as non-confrontational community mediators and safety officers. By encouraging and facilitating communication, Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards including everything from sunstroke to tent fires. Rangers can be identified by their tan Ranger shirts, Ranger hats, or Ranger laminates. They are members of our community and you should feel free to request their assistance at any time. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Bureau of Apogaea Medical & Fire (BAMF)

BAMF is the all-volunteer organization that oversees fire safety for art burns, and provides the Apogaea community with emergency fire fighting, medical and mental health services. They are all Apogaea participants and are not part of any law enforcement or outside agencies. BAMF exists to help manage unplanned emergency situations during the event and is not a substitute for your own planning for safety. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

Apogaea Security Squad (A.S.S.)

A.S.S. is there to make sure that everyone on the property has permission to be there and that you stay within the event boundaries which are marked with colored tape. They will be checking wristbands throughout the event; show them your wristbands with a smile. Help them out and report anyone you see without a wristband. Keep in mind, they’re here to protect you and the event.

Apogaea Media & Publications (AMP)

AMP will be roaming the event in green AMP shirts capturing photos and video and helping to educate about photo and video policies. If you have questions or feel that these policies are being violated by anyone, grab an AMP volunteer or a Ranger. If your camp has art that includes photos or video being captured, there will be signs available at info booth which you can post outside your camp or hang on your camera to give other participants a heads up that image capture is taking place. This DOES NOT negate the “ask first” policy, it’s just a friendly warning to those who don’t want their likeness captured to steer clear.

Info Booth

If you have a question during the event, this is the place to start. Info Booth staffers can help you get answers to a lot of your questions, or at the very least, can get you pointed in the right direction. We will have sound maps, camp maps, WWWW guides, a message board, daily schedules, Lost & Found, and can help put you in contact with other departments during the event. Contact [email protected] for more information

Keep it clean

Apogaea is a Leave No Trace event!

There are no garbage collection services at Apogaea. Every participant is responsible for their MOOP – matter out of place.

MOOP INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU BRING TO THE EVENT: tent stakes, bottle caps, ashes, wood debris, orange peels, cigarette butts, pistachio shells, feathers from your fancy boa, rope fibers, sequins, oil leaking from your hippie van, etc.

It is suggested that you spend 10-15 minutes each day walking around your camping area and picking up any MOOP you find. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE MOOP IS YOURS, JUST PICK IT UP! For more information, visit http://lnt.org.


If it isn’t from your body, don’t put it in the potty!

  • DO NOT PUT TAMPONS, TRASH OR HANDI-WIPES IN THE TOILET! Take a ziplock bag into the port-a-pottie with you and pack these items out.
  • Trash in the toilets will prevent us from pumping them and will threaten the viability of the event.
  • Don’t leave stuff lying on the floors or around the outside of the potties.
  • Do not put grey water into the potties.
  • The land is a delicate ecosystem – do not use it as a toilet.
  • Put the lid down when you are done – it stinks in there!
  • Do not duct tape anything to the port-a-potties. Duct tape will leave a residue when removed. Use clear tape!
  • Don’t forget to eat more fiber.

Quiet zones / Noise

Quieter Hours are from 4am-10am in the city; amplified sound and large scale acoustic performances (for example, marching bands) are prohibited during this time. There are a few 24 hour large sound camps near the entrance to the city. If you don’t want to be near them, camp further in. Not everyone will want to sleep when you do. It is highly recommended that you bring earplugs to assist you in getting a restful sleep.

If you wish to have amplified sound, you must contact [email protected] to register your sound installation.

No holes / digging

At the request of the landowner, no digging is allowed at the event.

Generators – Important Requirements

  • All liquid fuel for generators must be stored a minimum of 15 feet from the generator.
  • All generators and any other flame/spark sources must be placed in an open area away from dry vegetation.
  • All generators must have a dry chemical type ABC fire extinguisher within 5 feet and clearly visible from the generator (note – this means not in your tent).
  • All generators must be rated as super quiet (60 decibels or less) or be sound insulated with mufflers or fireproof sound baffling that reduces noise below 60 dB and does not restrict ventilation or cooling. See http://soundproofing.org/infopages/generator.htm for more information.


Vending / Commerce / Corporate logos

The sale of products and services is prohibited within our community. Bring what you need. The display of commercial logos or banners and/or distribution of commercial promotional items or materials is prohibited. Apogaea is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy.

Although there are no concessions available at the event, for your health and convenience, ice will be available for $2 between 9AM & 8PM, Wednesday – Saturday, at Center Camp. Bring exact change as no change will be given. All proceeds from the sale of ice are donated to organizations in the local communities.

Lost and Found

If during the event you find any items who have lost their owners, you may bring them to Lost and Found located at the Info Booth. Please check here for any items you might have lost during the event.