After the event

Leave no trace

Everything you bring to the event must leave with you. This includes all your garbage, greywater, black water, recycling, equipment, etc. For more information, see

What do I do with all this trash?

Do NOT discard your trash along the highway or in neighboring towns. It is recommended that you carry your trash back to a larger city such as Denver and dispose of it there. If everyone dumps their trash in the small communities in the immediate vicinity of the event, they will be easily overwhelmed. If you must secure your trash to the outside of your vehicle, make sure it is double bagged and that it is well secured. Local law enforcement will be actively ticketing people for littering. Do not become a statistic.

Food Drive

Upon leaving Apo, please keep aside any un-opened, non-perishable foods that can be donated to the food pantry at the Mountain Resource Center ( There will be volunteers collecting food while you wait in the exodus lines as well as along the exit road when you leave. The Mountain Resource Center (MRC) is a community-based non-profit organization that promotes community involvement and responsibility to foster the optimal welfare of children, youth, adults, and communities in a 1000+ square mile rural mountain area serving a population of over 65,000 in Jefferson and Park counties.

Stay alert! Too tired? Rest!

You will be tired when leaving the event. If you are the driver, make sure you received enough rest before leaving. If you are tired, find a safe area to pull over and rest. We want you to get home safely so we can see you again next year! If you feel that you are too impaired to drive home on Sunday, check in at the Info Booth/Center Camp area to get permission to stay on the land until Monday. Nobody will be allowed to stay on the land Sunday night without pre-approval.

Photo & Video Sharing

Sharing those awesome photos and videos ANYWHERE, including online, requires the explicit consent of all subject parties. So ask before you shoot! If you post photos online and someone requests you remove a photo of them, you must do so immediately. You can add photos to the Apogaea Filckr group here: There’s also the officially awesome Apo Media Gallery. Watch for that post-event.