Ron Taniwaki

Board Member
Contact: [email protected]

Board Member

2012 to 2019 - SUPREME COMMANDER of the ORPHAN ENDORPHIN empire (150) campers

  • Developed (3) camp tier concept
  • Layout, design and construction of (3) simultaneous camps at the burn
  • Created registration and vetting procedures for all (3) camps
  • Established “CREW” structure for camp operations
  • Designed shipping container storage and inventory control system
  • Responsible for all purchasing and procurement of materials for the camps
Creator and producer of (8) Black Rock City interactivities: Successfully hosted the Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar Lounge at these regional burns:
  • YouTopia, San Diego CA
  • Jingle Burn, Mojave CA
  • BeQuinox, Joshua Tree CA
  • Apogaea, Bailey CO
  • AVR, Granby CO
  • Colorado Burnal Equinox, Denver CO
  • LoveBurn, Miami FL
ADMINISTRATOR for the following facebook groups: AUTHOR“The Captain’s LOG” a (26) part series of articles about surviving and thriving at Burning Man. Written in a concise, clean and visual format, it appeals to short attention span of today's social media generation. New topics are posted every week leading up to the burn in various related fb groups.