Gate/Arrival Info

2018 Gate Info Coming Soon!

*Approval is needed for early entry. If you arrive outside the operational hours for the gate, you will be turned away. Please prepare accordingly and arrive when the gate is open.

**Monday Extended Exodus will be available for large theme camps that require more than one day to pack up and leave the land. Extended Exodus will be granted on a limited basis and will require advance registration to receive a special wristband.

Early Entry

Early entry is available to volunteers and members of Ignition. If you are going to Apogaea with your significant other, friends, etc., all must be approved for early entry; e.g. if your wife has early entry and you don't, then you don't get early entry just because your wife does. Theme camps or art installations requiring extra time for setup might be eligible for early arrival. Contact for more information.

What Happens When I Arrive At The Gate?

Be prepared before your arrival at the Gate:

  • Have your ticket and government issued photo ID.
  • Have enough food, water, and equipment to survive the event.
  • Have a signed 2018 liability waiver.

Other considerations:

  • Your vehicle will be searched.
  • Follow the direction of the Gate volunteers and move your vehicle when directed.
  • Working Gate is a thankless task. Be nice to your Gate personnel and they will be nice to you. A cold, tasty beverage goes a long way!
  • Drive slowly for safety and to keep down dust.
  • Participants are not allowed in-and-out access to the event unless it is an emergency or they have applied and been approved for in and out access before the event.
  • If you know in advance that you will need to leave the event at some point, please apply for in-and-out access before the event.
  • It is $10 to exit PER PERSON. Cash only. Exact change.
  • They will each be given a wristband to reenter for free, upon return.
  • They must have their ID and their ticket in hand to get the wristband, and to return.
  • If you need to leave and return DUE TO EMERGENCY, check with the gate when leaving to arrange for your re-entry.


Greeting is an important part of the Apogaea experience. The Greeters will give you a quiz covering the contents of the Survival Guide. Greeting is also where the fun begins! Contact for more information.

Parking Info

  • There is limited parking space. Carpooling is highly recommended.
  • All vehicles must park in designated areas.
  • All parking lots require a shuttle ride to the event. You will be given 30 minutes to unpack your vehicle at your camping site. After your car is unpacked you will need to move your car. If your car is left after the designated unpacking time, you will be responsible for paying the $500 tow-out fee. After parking your car, you will receive a complimentary shuttle ride back into the event. You will not be able to access your vehicle during the event, so plan accordingly!
  • Trailers and "pop-up" campers under 20’ in length may be placed in general camping areas or within your theme camp.
  • Participants are required to park vehicles in external lots. Any vehicle remaining on site must meet certain usage requirements such as sleeping, infrastructure, or department vehicles and be registered for a parking pass. Vehicles without a pass and/or impeding the operation of the event are at risk of being towed.
  • RVs and car-campers need to register in advance. Unregistered RVs and car-campers will be parked on a extremely steep hill and filled with weasels on illicit steroids.
  • Your camp needs to be broken down before you get your vehicle for Exodus. If your camp gear pile is small enough to fit in the shuttle, it will be loaded and unloaded at your vehicle and you can leave from the lot. Otherwise, you can take the shuttle to your car and drive back to your camp to retrieve your things. Please do not bring your car back up to your camp until you are completely packed. This will reduce the number of cars coming back into event grounds and let you leave quicker.
  • The vehicle policy including vehicles in theme camps, RVs, car-campers, and trailers is located at
  • The vehicle policy for mutant vehicles can be found at