May 2014 Board Meeting

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Fusion Factory
3563 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205

All monthly board meetings are open to the public. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for public comments, but if you think you might need more than 5 minutes to address your issue, please contact [email protected] to request a place on the agenda.


1:00 Introductions
What’s your name and relationship with Apo?

1:10 Public Comments

1:30 Officer Reports

2 weeks until work weekend
17 days until we open to the public
Timeline Update

Vice President
Ember Reports Pan

Approve February minutes
Announce Online Votes

Treasurer Report

2:00 Ratifications

2:00 Liaison Check In
Update from each Liaison on any critical roles not currently filled.

2:20 Around the room, 3 minutes each

2:20 Post Apo Plans [Koda]
July 4th: Call for Board of Directors Applications
July 19th: Application Call/Close
Close: Board Applications due by 11:59pm
Call: Call for Officer Applications
July 20th: Publlic Board Meeting
First post-Apo meeting
Meet and Greet for Board Candidates
Ignition Voting Opens
July 25-27: Retrospective:
At Arapahoe Valley Ranch
Saturday: Reflect, Evaluate, and Plan
Sunday: Board/Officer Candidate Meet and Greet
August 3rd: Board of Directors Election Closes
Votes due by 11:59p
New board contacted, announced the following day.
August 10th: Public Board Meeting
1 week early to avoid BM
First meeting with new Board
Officer Election: Candidates should attend!

3:55 Set Next Public Board Meeting Date
July 20th 2014 (No June Board Meeting)

4:00 Adjourn
Parking Lot
Bylaw edits–larger discussion