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Seed Money Grant Round is CLOSED!


Participate At Apogaea With Art!

At its core, Apogaea is an art festival – celebrating the uniquely human ability to create an environment that evokes an emotional response from others in the community and encourages them to participate in the experience. Every work of art, from costumes to large theme camps, is created and organized by participants - YOU!

Art is all around you. From the costumes you choose to wear to the art created by other Apogaeans. No matter how big or small, art includes performances, music, workshops.  Even the gifts you give are art – an expression from your soul given to another.

Art is most fully expressed when others interact with it, and several of the 10 Principles apply in this context.  We strongly encourage all event participants to embrace this and share yourself with the community.  It’s what makes Apogaea different, and, we feel, more special, than the typical festival event.

You may find even more value in volunteering to help with projects that others are leading. This way you can get your feet wet while having a guided experience of what it takes to develop and/or build a work of art for Apogaea.

Some art requires registration with Apogaea to ensure that we can accommodate your space, location, and activity requirements. If you don’t register and your art can’t be safely installed and used, Apogaea reserves the right to remove it. See the below links for more comprehensive definitions, but generally, registration is required for:

We know that creative geniuses need financial support so we also have an art grant program to help fund your art.

You can learn more about art projects with the links below.

Apogaea reserves the right to remove projects from the event site at their discretion.