Many members of our community are families with kids. While our expectation, as always, is StoryPortalKid that community members be self-reliant, we also recognize that bringing kids to Apogaea presents special challenges, additional responsibilities, and raises common questions. Apogaea has two different Ignition roles dedicated to youth and families.

Youth Coordinator

The Youth Coordinator is in charge of organizing events for kids at the festival. Past events have included an art walk, a kids rave, and face painting.


Youth Tickets

Discounted tickets are available for Youth (ages 13 – 17) in 2016. Read about how to apply for these discounted tickets here.

Apogaea Youth-Related Forums and Resources

Below is a list of parent-friendly groups and lists for Apogaea parents. Information specific for bringing children to Apogaea can be found here.

Discussion groups:

»Apogaea Family Facebook Forum

Classified/advertisement groups:

»Apogaea Family Classifieds Facebook Group


»Tips for Families at Apogaea

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to help with children-friendly events, please contact the specific Apogaea Representative below.

»General child related questions: [email protected]
»Questions or ideas about child-friendly activities: [email protected]
»Questions or concerns about children, family, or policies: [email protected]

Youth Department Members and Bios