Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Event Logistics

There are many Ignition roles important for the logistics of running the event. These don’t always fall under a bigger department, but each of these positions fills a critical role. Each Lead below is a one-person department.

Role Descriptions and Contact Information


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach position is important for supporting public relations with media and the local community, representing Apogaea to its site owner, supporting the land search, engaging the event with kindred arts organizations, and performing community mediation as needed.

»Contact: Outreach@Apogaea.com


That’s the Department of Mutant Vehicles. The mountainous terrain of Apogaea makes Art Cars a challenge, but we do have a few Art Cars each year. This position oversees the registration and operation of Art Cars at the event.

»Contact: DMV@Apogaea.com
»More information about Art Cars/Mutant Vehicles…


This position is responsible for collecting ember reports and census data after the event, and for polling the community to help determine what you all want.

»Contact Ember Reports: Embers@Apogaea.com
»Contact Census: Census@Apogaea.com
»View previous census results…

Grill Master

The Grill Master keeps all the hardworking volunteers fed during Work Weekend and Extended Exodus. More bacon!


The Lamplighter lead is responsible for making new lamps each year and organizing volunteers to walk through the city and light lamps every evening during the event.

»Contact: Lamplighters@Apogaea.com

Radio Pool

This position takes care of acquiring, distributing, tracking, and returning all radios used at the event.


Ticketing and Wristband

This Ignition lead is responsible for developing a ticket and wristband policy each year, planning and overseeing ticket sales, printing and distributing tickets, and creating and distributing wristbands.

»Contact: Tickets@Apogaea.com
»More information about tickets…