Creative Art Team Support Membership

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What is CATS?

  1. Creative Art Team Support (CATS) is a diverse cross-section of the Apogaea population dedicated to maintaining a community that cultivates interest in and pursuit of art, music, and artistic expression
    • CATS uses an agreed upon set of standards for discussing and scoring art
    • CATS operates in a 100% transparent environment: See our extensive end of year reports
    • Is open to any volunteer wanting to discuss art and Apogaea.  Check the Apogaea website in July for an announcement regarding joining next year’s Art Committee.
  1. Membership in CATS is open to all participants in the Apogaea community
  1. All members of CATS are active members of Apogaea, Inc., aka Ignition
    • Roles are filled by nominating and voting on CATS Kittens to fill a given role at a monthly meeting
    • CATS meets once a month for 2-3 hours (24-36 volunteer hours per volunteer per year)
    • CATS spend 5-10 hours a month reviewing and scoring applications during the grant cycle (15-30 volunteer hours per volunteer per year)
    • CATS can spend an additional 5-10 hours a month depending on the position (60-120 volunteer hours per Meow per year)
    • CATS are expected to participate in all Ignition votes such as the ticket art and theme contests

CATS Member Expectations

All members of CATS are subject to the following agreements and terms:

  1. CATS agree to:
    • Notify CATS  if you are not able to meet these expectations or terms
    • Work through the completion of the full year term (currently October – September)
    • Read, understand, sign, and return the Apogaea Conflict of Interest document
    • Read, understand, sign, and return the CATS Member Expectations document
    • Attend one meeting each month (the date is voted on by all CATS)
    • During Apogaea, verify all granted art is present and evaluate how it met committee expectations
    • Collaborate using the online tools required by the grant application process
    • Participate in discussions
    • Provide useful and constructive input to grant applicants
    • Read and familiarize yourself with all grant applications before scoring
    • Complete and submit an Ember Report post-Apogaea
    • Be an informed representative of CATS to Ignition, artists, the community, and the general public
    • Fulfill your Ignition responsibilities such as voting in elections and voting for the theme, ticket art, and any other Ignition-related duty
  1. CATS agree to the following terms:
    • I understand that members of the Apogaea Board of Directors or Officers of Apogaea, Inc. may not sit on CATS
    • I understand this is a volunteer position with no compensation implied or provided
    • I am expected to attend meetings, participate in online discussions, as well as provide updates on, and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
    • I understand that I might be exposed to adult content
    • I understand that meetings are restricted to CATS only
    • I understand all CATS Kittens, except the Grant Meow and the Disbursements Meow(s) as described elsewhere in this document, are eligible to receive grants as long as they disclose their involvement as required by the Conflict of Interest Policy
    • I understand I can be removed from the committee for any reason at any time by a majority vote of CATS
    • I understand I must communicate any conflicts of interest to CATS immediately
  1. CATS agree to communicate by:
    • Respecting each other’s opinions
    • Not bringing up old business
    • Speaking one person at a time; trying to not interrupt
    • Presenting challenges with potential solutions (constructive criticism versus bitching)
    • Participating in the conversation by listening and asking questions
    • Acknowledging that all ideas deserve discussion
    • Focusing on the topic at hand
    • Checking Apogaea email once a week in the off season from July – September
    • Checking Apogaea email every day during the grant cycle and pre-event from October – June
    • Limiting communications MondayThursday to accommodate volunteer work schedules

CATS Ignition Roles


  • Ensure we have a meeting venue that can accommodate our group
  • Get a screen and projector for the meetings
  • Create an agenda for each meeting and a brief presentation applicable to that meeting
  • Record votes during meetings

Grant Meow

  • Manage grant application process
  • Manage grant scoring process
  • Manage grant voting process
  • Present list of selected grants to Disbursements Meow
  • Oils the Grant Robot

Disbursements Meow

  • Facilitate the contract negotiations between the Board of Directors and the Artist for the Temple and Effigy projects
  • Manage paperwork for awarded grantees including contracts, W-9, payments, and proof of milestones documentation
  • Work with granted artists, the Board of Directors Art Liaison, and the Finance Committee to facilitate payments to artists
  • Collect ticket requests from granted artists to relay to the Ticketing
  • Communicate ticket information to granted artists
  • Relay information from granted projects to the Registration to ensure that granted artists are added to the lists for early entry and work weekend


CATS Liaison to the Board of Directors

  • Facilitate communication between the CATS and the Board of Directors
  • Work to align goals and strategies of both parties
  • Report regularly to both parties on progress
  • Ratified by Board of Directors in August

Art Fair Meow

  • Plan and organize the annual Apogaea Art Fair
  • Event happens February/March
  • Ratified by Board of Directors in August

CATS Liaison to Placement / DPW

  • Work with Placement to act as a liaison for placed granted and non-granted art
  • Relay pertinent information on granted projects to both DPW for infrastructure needs
  • Able to work with DPW to share heavy machinery at event
  • Preferably have knowledge of operating heavy machinery
  • Relay information from granted projects to the Placement department
  • Work with artists and DPW to ensure that placement needs of artists are filled

Documentation Meow

  • Work with the Disbursement Meow post-award to collect descriptions and images for community announcements about the awards
  • Document art at the event
  • If there is a Photo Meow role in Ignition (AMP Photography Meow), work with that Meow to, at a minimum, get the granted art documented and on the website
  • Provide images to use on the website

Diversity Meow

  • Engage artists who work in mediums normally absent or under-represented at Apogaea and encourage them to bring their art to the Apogaea community
  • Work with Grant Meow to provide detailed analysis of scoring and funding trends for Apogaea grants
  • Work with Grant Meow to increase the diversity of grant applicants

CATS Liaison to BAMF / Fire Art and Safety Meow

  • Relay pertinent information on granted projects to BAMF for fire and safety considerations
  • Compile requirements for fire art approval for publicizing at the opening of each grant round
  • Work with applicable artists and the Fire department to ensure that requirements are met for art, personnel and timelines

Surveys / Feedback / Transparency Meow

  • Collect feedback and input from various parties, analyze the input, compile reports and publicize them
  • Create a report outlining what CATS did throughout the year

EduCATion Meow

  • Plan, organize and execute community workshops to relay information and best practices in applying for an Apogaea grant
  • Teach Ignition and the community what CATS does

Space Meow

  • Research and document possible workspaces for Apogaea community members and for Apogaea, Inc.


  • CATS without specific roles are Kittens.