Apogaea Official COVID Policy – Updated 6/2/22

6/2/22 Updates:

NOTE: Children under 5 years of age will NOT NEED PCR TESTS and there are no vaccinations for kids under 5.

Regardless of vaccination status or PCR test, it is recommended everyone rapid test the day before coming to APO – If you are positive or symptomatic before APO, contact [email protected] and we will work through the ticketing issues– please do not come to the event sick it is very contagious now.

It is recommended that everyone bring a rapid self-test kit to check themselves if they start to feel sick onsite.  Again, if you test positive at APOGAEA you are requested to leave the site, contact [email protected] and we will work through the ticketing issues.

Other outdoor events (Flipside) are advising they are having related outbreaks in their communities.  Don’t share utensils, cups, pipes, etc. with other people.

Finally, test when you get home from the event – usually two days after to see if you might have contracted it – if you do test positive after the event, please email [email protected] to let us know – other regionals and BM are wanting to know statistics.  All this will be kept confidential.

3/13/22 Updates:

The Apogaea Board of Directors, at the guidance of the Apogaea COVID-19 Task Force Lead, have adopted this updated policy for COVID-19 requirements for entrance to Apogaea 2022.

If you have proof of vaccination (HHS Vaccination Card, photocopy or a picture of your Vaccination Card, MyColorado App, or other legal documentation of vaccination of a valid vaccination series (a valid vaccination series consists of a two shot series for Pfizer or Moderna, or a one shot of Jansen/ J+J) you will be admitted to Apogaea without testing.

If no proof of vaccination is provided you are required to show proof of a Negative PCR test 72 hours prior to your arrival at Apogaea.

This documentation will be checked at the gate. Refusal to provide either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test will result in denial of entry to the event – no exceptions or no refunds will be issued.

We thank you for protecting our community, the communities we come from around us and Apogaea!