Flood Volunteer and Evacuee Information

What undoubtedly has been one of the worst weather-related events in Front Range history, the recent floods have affected us all. Our families, friends, neighbors…thousands have been displaced all along the Front Range. Entire towns were separated from the rest of the world and people have lost their lives.There are many communities banding together to help those who have lost everything. Below is a list of ways you can help or find help. As most insurance companies do not cover flood damage, there are a lot of people who could use assistance.

  • Burners Without Borders Colorado is directing people interested in volunteering or those AFFECTED BY THE FLOOD looking for assistance to utilize this website: https://bouldercounty.recovers.org/.  This website encompasses all areas affected.
  • Pink Love for Colorado Flood is a drive started by the wonderful burners with Pink Mammoth. Right now, they are accepting monetary donations via PayPal. For more information, head over to their Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1416400795240862/
  • In the rush of evacuating, people have lost their pets. Colorado Disaster Wildfire/Flood Lost & Found Pets help owners find their treasured pets. If you have lost a pet, or have found one, please check for information on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoWildfireLostFoundPets
  • Farmers and ranchers are an integral part of our society, especially in Colorado. The flood has made a huge impact not only their business, but their livestock and livelihood as well. The Colorado Farm Bureau helps ranchers and farmers across Colorado. To make a donation, navigate to their website: http://coloradofarmbureau.com/disasterfund/. Best of all, 100% of funds raised go directly to the farmers and ranchers.
  •  If you are a Boulder resident and you need assistance with disposal of materials from cleaning up, more information can be found at the Boulder County website here: http://www.bouldercounty.org/dept/publichealth/pages/debris.aspx.  For up to the minute information, including road closures, navigate to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management Website: http://boulderoem.com/emergency-status. The Larimer County website will have information as well: http://www.larimer.org/emergency/emergency_detail.cfm?nam_id=100
  • If you are in Longmont and have found a couch to surf on, but cannot bring your beloved cat, Mr. Spanky McWhiskeyerton, the Longmont County Humane Society can help: https://www.longmonthumane.org/?q=flood-evacuation-information. Call first for availability. These wonderful people are also accepting cash donations so they can purchase food for the four legged evacuees.


More information and ways to donate will develop over the coming weeks. Check back here for updates.