Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Gate Information

signGate Hours

THURSDAY 6/8/17 – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
FRIDAY 6/9/17 – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
SATURDAY 6/10/17 – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Gate hours are subject to change.

If you arrive outside the above operational hours for the gate, you will be turned away. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Early Entry

Wednesday 6/7/17 from Noon – 8:00 PM

Gate will open at 9 a.m. for participants who go on shift at noon on June 7th.*


*Approval is needed for REGISTERED SETUP. If you are not approved to be on the land during setup, you will not be allowed on site. If you arrive outside the operational hours for the gate, you will be turned away. Please prepare accordingly and arrive when the gate is open. You are automatically registered for Early Entry if you are Ground Control, Ignition, Sparks, or a REGISTERED Volunteer. Questions? Please contact buttery@apogaea.com.

Arriving at the Event

Be prepared before your arrival at the gate:

  • To keep everyone moving and safe, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIME
  • Have your ticket in-hand if you purchased a ticket during the first two rounds of ticket sales or purchased FOR FACE VALUE from a third party.
  • Have your ID ready, especially for those who have their ticket at Will Call.
  • Have a signed liability waiver.
  • Have enough food, water, and equipment to survive the event.

Other considerations:

  • Gate volunteers will test your Survival Guide knowledge.
  • Your vehicle will be searched.
  • Follow the direction of the gate volunteers and move your vehicle when directed.
  • Working gate is a thankless task. Be nice to your gate personnel and they will be nice to you. A cold, tasty beverage goes a long way.
  • Drive slowly for safety and to keep down dust.
  • If you need to leave and return DUE TO EMERGENCY, check with the gate when leaving to arrange for your reentry (see below).

Re-entry (aka In and Out)

If you need to leave the event and wish to re-enter, you will need to purchase a $10 in-and-out wristband upon leaving the event (only available during Gate hours). This cost is per person. Please also have your ticket on you, as you will need both the ticket and the wristband to re-enter. Unlike previous years, there will be no pre-registration for in-and-out access. All must purchase a pass on-site and exit and re-enter during Gate hours. Again, if you need to leave and return DUE TO EMERGENCY, check with the Gate when leaving to arrange for your re-entry.

>>If you have any questions, please contact gate@apogaea.com


Leaving the Event

At the end of the event, otherwise known as Exodus, please leave no trace, do not dump on the side of the road.

Trash disposal

The landowner is setting up a couple of trucks on Sunday to receive trash at the Big 4 Store at the corner of Highway 12 and County Road 47.7 outside the gate. For $5 per bag, you can dispose of your garbage. Proceeds will go to kids programs in Trinidad. “Don’t haul your smelly trash back to your home and help a great cause. We will recycle what we can. Spread the word. Ciao enjoy the event.” – Glenn


Greeting is an important part of the Apogaea experience. The Greeters will give you a quiz covering the content from the Survival GuideMake sure you read the Survival Guide prior to arrival!

»Contact greeters@apogaea.com for more information