Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Before You Leave: Important Reminders

Important tips from our fabulous 2016 Work Weekend crew!

In addition to the Survival Guide, we recommend checking this list before you leave. The people who already started building Apogaea shared what worked, what didn’t and some extra stuff you cannot live without.

By the way, work weekend was productive and the site looks amazing! A huge shout out to all of you who showed up and help build our lovely city.

  • Slow Down and Enjoy the Funk

    Photo by Mandolyn Mahone

    As you travel down, remember to ALWAYS go 5 mph on ALL roads in once you cross the bridge. One of our neighbors uses oxygen and any dust we kick up is bad for him and we don’t want that for our neighbors.

  • Bring rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows and work gloves. There has been a lot of cacti removal, and much more remains. Remember, they asexually reproduce, so please remove the ENTIRE cacti.
  • Print your directions — you will not have cell service when you get close to the event.
  • Leave extra early! Please don’t speed on the way! Be safe 🙂 Check gate times here.
  • Boots are your best friend! Many of the cacti have 2-inch spines and the terrain is rough. Even Hobbits would wear shoes at Apogaea 2016! Read more about wildlife and land safety.
  • Did you forget your shade structure or water? Turn around and go get them! Did we mention it is hot and there is little to no shade?
  • Bring hand sanitizer — none of the porta-potties used on Work Weekend had dispensers.
  • Don’t throw trash in the porta-potties. Indisposed restrooms mean the event WILL be shut down.
  • Bring extra water; dehydration is not a fun way to spend your Apo.
  • Bring extra solar stake lights. Participate in civic responsibility and communal effort by using these to mark your favorite path and your not so favorite trip hazard to make Apogaea a fun and safe place for all. And please remember to leave no trace by bringing these home.
  • Trash disposal! The landowner is setting up a couple of trucks on Sunday to receive trash at the Big 4 Store at the corner of Highway 12 and County Road 47.7 outside the gate. For $5 per bag, you can dispose of your garbage. Proceeds will go to kids programs in Trinidad. “Don’t haul your smelly trash back to your home and help a great cause. We will recycle what we can. Spread the word. Ciao enjoy the event.” – Glenn

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