Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Burn Ban Status and General Guidelines

To keep our event going and to keep everyone safe, EVERY PARTICIPANT must be fully aware of the event fire guidelines as well as the burn ban status.

»Fire safety guidelines and current fire ban status

Fire Performers

Safety is the number one aspect of being a fire performer at Apogaea. Fire performers have taken an oath to be courteous of burn bans, to be safe, and to be inclusive.  Not only have we taken upon ourselves the safety of every Apogaea citizen, but all of Colorado and her luscious and extensive wildlife.

We’re big kids who love to play – fire is one of our excellent mediums.  Participants are encouraged to play as it relieves stress, promotes creativity, community and inclusion, and helps make the event FUN!

Fire Performers do not need to pre-register. However, all Fire Performers must check-in with the Fire Convergence tent at the event, and have their fire props inspected and approved for use at the event.

Scheduled performances and spontaneous fire play are encouraged by anyone who checks into the Convergence tent and is approved and follows fuel dump/safety guidelines throughout the duration of their stay at Apogaea.

REQUIREMENTS for all Fire Performers:

All fire performers must provide the following items (at a minimum) for themselves for the duration of the event.

  1. Safety blanket (preferably duvetyn)
  2. Dip can (empty non used paint can)
  3. Spin off can (same as above)
  4. Lids for above items
  5. Respect and regard for policies
  6. Please include a fire extinguisher in your kit (just incase)

All fire performers must abide by these following procedures for checking props/safety gear in:

  1. Bring all appropriate safety gear as listed above
  2. Check props in with convergence for peer review
  3. Check safety equipment into UFUG (UNIFORM FIRE USE GUIDELINES) workshop
  4. Take the UFUG workshop at BAMF
  5. Be respectful of our policies listed below

All fire performers must abide by the following POLICIES for playing with fire at Apogaea:

  1. Abide by the above requests
  2. Maintain a clear sober attitude
  3. Maintain responsibility for yourself
  4. Agree to maintain responsibility for EVERY other fire performer
  5. Agree to intervene (or find a ranger if you cannot) if you find a performer being unsafe in any way.
  6. At the end of your safety workshop you will receive a safety wristband. Please note that you will be REQUIRED to present this at a moment’s notice, if you are spinning fire. The Fire Performance Lead, Apogaea, and anyone who asks expects that you will be able to present your “MULTIPASS” upon request. Wristbands will be distributed by the safety department as well as Fire Convergence.

All of our Safety requirements are based on the old vaudeville Notion of “Safety Third”

  • Safety of the audience
  • Safety of the venue
  • Safety of the performer

IN THAT ORDER! Please be sure you follow any and all requirements and remember, we don’t do this because we hate you we do this because we love Apogaea!

All fire must be extinguished at the request of any ranger or safety personnel.  If you fail to comply with fire guidelines or verbal instructions from the Fire Performance lead, rangers or safety personnel, you will not be allowed to light up for the duration of the event.