The Temple


The Temple, like the Effigy, is a special art piece at Apogaea. The Temple at Apogaea is meant to create a reverent space where participants can meditate, honor what has been lost or gained, go inward, slow down, let go, or whatever other experience can be made of it.  Each temple built has it’s own unique space to be encountered. For information on submitting a proposal to build the Temple, visit the Temple Proposals page.

The 2016 Temple


The 2016 Temple is the Temple of Resonance.

The Temple of Resonance is a three-dimensional mandala installation. The primary components of the Mandela are five Tibetan inspired bell towers. The largest and central tower measures in at 13 ft and is surrounded by four 10-foot tall towers of the same design. Each bell will be made from recycled gas containers and will create piece of a five part major chord when played together. In between each 10 foot tower there will be corner shaped communal bench. Providing a place for connection, contemplation and laughter. Surrounding all of this will be twelve 2-foot tall pagodas placed in a ring defining the perimeter of the temple Mandela. Paulo Wellman is leading the project. See the Grant Proposal documents for more information.

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Past Apogaea Temples