Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Jordan Shierstone – “jorDance”

Contact: jordance@apogaea.com


Keeper of the Apo Dragon's Gold Hoard

Hello! I am jorDance Magic Dance! A mere baby in the community as only a three-year burner (My first burn was supposed to be Apogaea 2015... the Apo that Wasn't), seek me where the funky jams, the crunchy beats, and the sick rhythms are tastiest. Or perhaps in Sound Puddle, singing and drumming. Or walking down the road in a large and ridiculous light-up helmet. Maybe you shouldn't seek me at all... we'll meet up accidentally if we happen to; the playa provides, right? Maybe you'll even run into me at Saguaro Man or Elsewhence. Anyway, I decided I like Apogaea, so I joined up as Treasurer. It's a pretty good gig! Everybody likes the guy who sends the checks ;-) That said, I'll see you there!