Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Info Booth Daily Leads

The Info Booth Daily Leads support the Info Booth Lead/Coordinator with managing the info Booth as follows;

  • Outgoing specimen that enjoys the company of strangers and meeting new people
  • Can act on their toes and come up with resolutions to problems or questions
  • Be responsible enough to show up on time but not enough to take everything seriously and be grumpy
  • Skills in stand up/improv, a morbid sense of humor, quirkiness, or sexiness is a major plus.
  • Understanding of the English language is probably something you should have but if you’ve made it this far, i think you’ll be fine.
  • Some past knowledge of the event, Djs, and art installations is helpful but not a necessity
  • Coordinate and track volunteers through a check in and check out system.

You will check in volunteers for Info Booth about every 3 hours from 6am to Midnight, updating them with current news and ensuring they understand how to run the booth for the next 3 hours.

Under this position you will need to understand the following:

  1. managing lost and found
  2. using the binders and cat herder to coordinate volunteers
  3. using a radio to communicate with other leads, and
  4. referencing information for answers to questions

    Please note that this is a Sparks position.

>> If interested in this position, please email freedomkisses@apopaea.com