Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Center Camp Daily Lead

Being a Center Camp Daily Lead will offer you the opportunity to help make Center Camp a focal point of Apogaea, and turn it into an engaging and warm place for our community to gather.

There will be two shifts per day on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday. The shifts are 6 hours long and run from 9AM-3PM & from
3PM-9PM (please show up at least 15 minutes early to your shift). You
will be responsible for one shift during the week of Apogaea.

Center Camp Daily Leads will be responsible for coordinating Cafe &
Performance volunteers, filling in where needed, drawing attention to
CC goings on to passers by, updating the daily schedule of events, and
maintaining infrastructure. We will ask that you take an active
effort, ahead of time, in learning the responsibilities of all CC
volunteer positions (including ice sales) so that you may comfortably
take the reigns when needed. We will also ask that you participate in
Work Weekend and help tear down Center Camp on Sunday. You are also
invited to attend any or all of the Center Camp meetings prior to
Apogaea as well.

As the Daily Leads need to be ratified in by the Board, we ask that
all those interested pipe-up sooner rather than later by sending and
email listing your experience and qualifications to missioncontrol@apogaea.com