Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Cat Herder Daily Leads

Looking for the purrrrrrfect way to play with core event volunteers?
Do you love to praise and support others?
Are you quick on your paws and excited to dive into action?

Purrrhaps you embody the nature of mama kitty and have what it takes to be Cat Herder?

The Art of Herding Cats…

Interact with department leads (Ground Control Team) at the beginning of shift changes

  • Track no shows and late volunteers
  • Assign floaters where needed
  • Place walk-up volunteers
  • Find qualified volunteers to fill critical roles as needed
  • Record names of all volunteers not assigned on the volunteer schedule

Check in with department leads mid-shift

  • verify volunteer overages and shortages, note areas for adjustment to volunteer schedule
  • record any volunteer areas of need,  is there adequate support (shade, hydration)
  • track issues of exhaustion

End of Shift

  • Compile list of no-shows
  • Verify volunteers who completed shifts
  • turn in reports and data lists


Expectations of a Cat Herder

  • A madame cat is always ready to pounce and reports early to her post for debriefing
  • A madame cat is prepared with hydrating fluids and snacks, sunscreen, sexy shades, and weather appropriate attire
  • Do not be impaired, you are prized for your wits
  • Agile and active, the cat walks between key areas, with info booth as your home base
  • Outgoing, playful and fun… energized and animated is desirable, humor is a bonus
  • Actively interested in getting to know team Ignition, socialize with the cool cats… attend mixers and retreat
  • Daft organization skillz, you are a dominatrix of detail and a record ninja
  • Empress of radio, you will be trained on com and expected to master the waves
  • Your supportive and loving nature makes you feel like a yummy mummy
  • Playz well with others, never a catty cat
  • Reports for daily spankings
  • Available Days and or Nights, must be able to help fill 3-4 shifts including one shift on Tuesday or Wednesday

Onsite management hours of Op:

Tuesday, June 4th (limited early entry): Noon to 9pm (split in 2 shifts)

Wednesday, June 5th(first official day): Noon to 9pm (2 shifts)

Thursday, June 6th: 9a to 9pm (3 shifts)

Friday, June 7th: 9a-10:30pm (3 shifts)

Saturday, June 8th: 9a-10:30pm (3 shifts)

Sunday, June 9th (exodus): 9a-4pm (2 shifts)


>> Please send your inquiries and or a thoughtful letter of why you’d be a good kitty to: missioncontrol@apogaea.com