Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

NEW Board Members announced

Hey all: A big thank you to our outgoing Board members.  They all worked hard to bring you a great Apo 2010.  So, when you see them, please give them a hearty “Hail, yeah!!” Johnny One Spur (Johnny has been […]

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Change to Apo Bylaws

During the July, 2010 Board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to change the Bylaws of the Corporation as follows: Terms of newly elected Directors shall begin immediately following the close of the Director elections.  This change effectively removes a […]

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Land Search still – and always – on

Check out our land requirements and please suggest land for next year’s festival. We’re looking at both mountains and plains (badlands!) locations that will be more accommodating for large art and large sound. http://apogaea.com/about/apogaea-land-criteria/

Apogaea 2010 Event Census Now Online

Please take the Apogaea 2010 Census – the papers at the event got all soggy so here it is in an online and slightly improved version. http://www.ballotbin.com/voterReg.php?b=15019 You can take the census even if you did not attend, just n/a […]

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Apo 2010… Art, Camps & Things

What are you likely to experience at Apo this year? For a full list of Art Installations, Theme Camps, Performance Schedules and the like, click here. For the Apo 2010 Placement Map, click here. Official Who What When Where And […]

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Things to Bring! / Events

Hey, Apogaeans! In addition to your food, water, costumes-of-awesomeness, cup, and reusable plates/silverware, here are some things from the soon-to-be-printed WhoWhatWhereWhen that you might want to throw in your Apogaea pack: Handmade creations, books, clothing, accessories, glowies, or other gifts […]

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