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Introducing the 2017 Effigy and Temple!

CATS is currently busy reviewing and scoring 25 Seed Round grant applications, we’ll announce those projects mid April.   But in the meantime we’re excited to announce this year’s Effigy and Temple!  



Heart of Gold (Effigy)

by Mark Switzer and Jules Pellerin, in loving memory of Skyler and Isabel

Heart of Gold is a beautifully profound sculpture with several advanced flame effects (and surprises) for the 2017 Apogaea Effigy. Heart of Gold will be a collaborative piece of art, allowing community members to get involved in creating and operating the piece, offering opportunities for both new and experienced artists to learn more about the fire arts and fabrication skills. The core sculpture of Heart of Gold is also a gift to the Apogaea community and will be left in the care of Apogaea to use for future events as desired.

Click here for more information on the Apogaea effigy.




Hotaru no Hikari: The Firefly Temple

by Andrea Pliner and Tom Varani

The Firefly Temple embraces the Japanese Temple aesthetic, participants will have the opportunity to decorate one of the hundreds of flickering lanterns that will glow throughout the event. 

Click here for more information on the Apogaea temple


Apogaea Art Fair

When: April 23, 2017 Noon to 5pm

Where: City Park Pavilion in Denver

Calling all artists and theme camps! We want you to share your art and ideas at the 2017 Apogaea Art Fair being held in conjunction with The Fantastic Hosts’ Rumpus in the Park. Come engage the community and collect volunteers, materials, funding, and anything else you may need to make your project a success! Contact to reserve your space.
For more information please check out the Art Fair page:

Apogaea Ranger Social

Picture from Apogaea 2014 (c) Brian Edwards

When: Sunday, April 2nd 1-4 PM

Where: World Famous Dark Horse, 2922 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Are you ranger curious? Have you heard that we need more rangers at Apogaea, but don’t know what rangers even do? Are you a current ranger and have stories to tell? Have you been to ranger training this year and are excited to meet other rangers?

Join us in an evening of mingling, a brief introduction to rangering, a Q&A session, and story time by experienced rangers. This evening will help you get all your questions answered to see if this is the right department for you!

Please share this event with any friends who may be interested.


Meet our new Project Coordinator

Please give a warm welcome to our newly hired Project Coodinator, Christine. As project coordinator, she will be streamlining event planning materials and establishing detailed work plans to be implemented by the organization’s operational departments during the event in June 2017.

Go to her bio for more information 🙂


Guaranteed Ticket Update!!!!!

From our lovely ticket lead:
Hello fellow Apogaeans, ticket codes have gone out for people who met one of the following criteria during the 2016 event:
    -being Ground Control
– being part of Ignition
– being Spark or department volunteer
– or having 6 or more volunteer hours during the event

If you believe you should have gotten a code and did not please email

The sale period lasts until March 10th, so please purchase your ticket by then.

This is a full price ticket as a reward for your 2016 service. If you are part of ground control, ignition, a spark or a department volunteer this year you will get a code for a discounted ticket after March 20th.

For all detailed ticket info please go to the main ticket page.

Ticket Prices, Sale Dates, and Youth/Scholarship applications

General Sales dates, Ticket Prices, and the application process for 2017 Youth and Scholarship tickets have all been updated.  First general sales round is March 15th at 7pm. Come to the Tickets main page for all the info!!!

Update: 2016 Guaranteed ticket codes are going out for last years service. These are full priced tickets and are transferable to another person. If you are on Ground Control, Ignition, a spark or a department volunteer this year you will offered a ticket for that position at a discounted price after March 20th. The 2016 Guaranteed ticket is for the 2017 event, but it is a reward from you 2016 service. Check your email( account if you are on ignition or had one as a spark) for your code!!!

Big Money Grantees Announced/Seed Money Round(Closed)

We are excited to announce the grant recipients of the BIG MONEY Art Grant Round. CATS received 43 grant applications for over $155,000 in requested funds for this round. While budgetary constraints keep us from funding every artistic dream, we are excited to announce 9 BIG MONEY artistic endeavors have been funded this year. We look forward a great year of BIG ART (it’s gonna be yuge) at Apogaea!  

Reminder: The Seed Money Grant Round (projects requesting funding $599 and under) opens on Tuesday, 2/28/17 and closes on Tuesday, 3/14/17.  There’s still time to fund your creative visions, follow this link to create your profile and start your application on February 28th. Looking for tips on how to write a winning grant application? Check out our FAQ here (link to: or email the committee at with any questions.

Stay tuned for details on this year’s   Effigy and Temple they will arrive in their own very special announcement in a few days. For now, without further ado, allow us to present the rest of this year’s 2017 BIG MONEY GRANTEES!

Speleo Mountain
Artists: Piper Merriam, Ian Bates, Seth Herd, Pete Lyons, David Pichara, Diana Sabreen and Fractal Tribe

A whole mountain of cubes for you to climb, dance, and play.


Outside In

Artists: Jeff Merkel and the Signal-to-Noise Labs sci-art collective

Outside In is a unique audio immersive environment that envelops the artists and audiences in three dimensional audio soundscapes, transporting visitors, artists, and musicians on acoustic journeys overlain upon the real-world local environment.

Outside In is about merging and blurring environments, people, and experiences. There is no audience and artist separation; the artist/performer becomes part of the audience and the audience participates in and sometimes is the performance. There is no separation of the performance from external environments; sights, sounds, and smells are invited in and becomes part of the unique and transient performance, never to be exactly repeated. The outside is brought in…

The Queen of the Night
Artists: Caitlin Morris and Joshua Birkmaier

With this installation, we offer a space where shamanistic healing can be explored.  A place where we can take ahold of our journey together by provide a catalyst to our shared experience with this representation of the unique beauty that exists within our temporal boundaries. The center piece of this installation is an artistic representation of a Selenicereus Grandiflorus, a desert flower that only blooms for one night once a year commonly known as “The Queen of the Night.” This plant will be depicted in steel with a low-poly design and will feature flame effects in the blossom and in the stems in the center of the plant.  This short-lived plant articulates the ephemeral nature of our experience with this place and time and we seek to inspire a sense of immediacy. The flower will sit atop a large steel mandala podium. We would like to further set this intention of immediacy with ornate designs as well as phrases that will be hand plasma-cut into the sides of the mandala. This installation will also bring back two sculptures from Apogaea 2016, The Crystalline Obelisks but with a new explosive and interactive twist.

Club Smash Club
Artists: Todd Oliver and Metal Camp

A cathartic release through carnal expression. To smash hate, smash prejudice, and disposable culture. To hone human form with new tools. To provide a unique and immersive environment. Long live metal! (just got domain, site to come)

Mercury Touchstone
Artists: Bad Asstronauts , Brian Weatherhead (artist)

12’ Interactive space rocket covered in 6,000 LEDs.

Artists: John English, Austin Glaser, Kevin McWilliams, and crew

SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia. This spectrographically colorful dome illuminates sound on an immersive canopy of light. Visualize spectral shapes of sound with any noise you can make.

This established art installation is being redesigned from the ground up, with a much larger LED array and entirely new custom circuit boards. The updated installation will be roughly eight times greater in LED resolution, 32 times faster in its visual update speed, and 100 times faster in its audio analysis rate. This performance upgrade will reveal rich and meaningful features of sound that have have been missing from SoundPuddle until now, such as the subtleties of vibrato, the first crash of percussion, or musical harmonics that span the full frequency range of human hearing.This is the perfect place to bring your musical instruments and selves for a unique and mind-warping sensory experience. You will laugh, shout, and sing as thousands of solar powered LEDs unify your ears and eyes.

Photo by Bri Erger

Artist:  Evan Beloni

Bon*fire is a series of small fire sculptures that come together to form an array of LPG fire, dazzling lights and most importantly: Water.  A clear plenum houses a column of water with propane bubbles rising from the bottom. The propane bubbles burst at the surface, mix with air then burn off. This bubbling also creates a calming sound, somewhat like a flowing creek. Further mesmerizing display is provided by color changing lights illuminating through the bubbling water.  Large flame poofing and interactivity will also be involved.

All of You
Artists: Mike Lustig

All of You is a semi-circle arrangement of 6 mirrored-mosaics. Participants can experiment with distance, angle, and motion to experience fragmented expansion, separated replication, and strobing of movement. As a viewer moves further from the installation, their reflection inverts, and then disintegrates into an abstract arrangement of light. All of You will be continuously influenced by sky light and its surrounding environment. My goal is to catalyze the consideration of an expansive, shared, ever-changing existence.

Almighty Lite-brite
Artists: Jill Katzenberger and Piper Merriam

Remember building unicorns and rainbows on your lite brite, sequestered from the sunlight (and your siblings) in the closet, back when life was simple and cough syrup tasted like candy?  Well get ready to relive your fondest childhood memories on the ALMIGHTY LITE BRITE…a souped up and super scaled up lite brite for Apogaea’s young and young at heart.  Larger than a grown man…more pegs than you could moop in a drunken stupor…and enough light to power a very (very) small village.  

March Board Meeting

Photo by tiarescott - CC 2.0 license -

Photo by tiarescott – CC 2.0 license –

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Fusion Factory
3563 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205

All monthly board meetings are open to the public. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for public comments, but if you think you might need more than 5 minutes to address your issue, please contact to request a place on the agenda.

Agenda: TBA

2017 Apo Ticket Art Contest

Aqeuous Mastadon by Araya Metzer 2016 Apogaea Ticket Design

The 2017 Apo Ticket Art contest is now open!!! The deadline for ticket art submissions is March 10th at 11:59 PM. The winner is guaranteed one full-price ticket to the 2017 event.
Submissions can be sent to

This year’s theme is
submitted by Johnny Wilco

Playful misinformation is generously given by Burners to the unsuspecting and unprepared. Question everything. Question nothing.

Art Guidelines:


  • File formats should be TIFF, EPS, PDF, or HIGH QUALITY JPG files.
  • Resolution should be at least 200dpi. We prefer higher resolution (300dpi).
  • Submissions will be judged based on concept, execution, and image quality.
  • Ticket design size: Please download the templates below for correct sizing.

Ticket design must include:

  • The name of the event, “Apogaea”
  • The Apogaea Logo, which you can download below in JPG format
  • This year’s theme name, “Propaganda”
  • Dates of the event: June 8th – 11th, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to stay within the developing guidelines. Pulling images off the internet is usually not a good idea. Not only are those images usually lower quality images, but doing so without permission from the original artist is bad bacon. Copyrighted images are not accepted. 

Templates and Files