Fire Conclave


Photo by Keli Schmid

Photo by Keli Schmid

Fire Conclave is a select group of fire dancers who help create the ceremony around our Effigy burn.  They work tirelessly prior to the event to present a choreographed performance you’ll want to experience. The Apogaea Fire Conclave mirrors the Burning Man Conclave tradition of an honored dance before burning the man. Learn more about the the Burning Man Fire Conclave to understand the origins of the Apo Conclave.

If you’re not a member of Fire Conclave, can you still spin fire?  Absolutely!  All you need to do is respect the safety requirements and take the quick training offered pre-event or during the event before you express your fire art!

Photo by GretskyJoin the Fire Conclave

To perform with the Fire Conclave, submit your qualifications to

Safety Training

Safety training is required for all fire artists either before the event or on-site. For more information on how to get fire safety training, send an email to

»Fire Safety for Fire Performers

Conclave Team Members