Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

Photo Gallery & Media

Welcome to Apogaea’s Photo Gallery and Media Page!

Apogaea Media and Publications Department (aka AMP)

Learn more about what the department does, about Apo’s photo and video policies, and for team member and contact information.

»Visit the AMP page

Photo Galleries

There is an Apogaea Flikr Group account which has been an archive for community member’s images for years.

»Apo 2017 photos
»Apogaea AMP Flickr account
»Apogaea Community Flikr Pool
»Flickr photos tagged “Apogaea”
»excellent photo gallery of Apogaea ’06 by Jeannot Pasteur
»Apogaea Instagram account

As a reminder all photos taken at Apogaea are covered by our intellectual property policy which includes giving credit to the photographer and prohibits commercial use. Read more about it here.

If you have any photos you would like to share, please get yourself a free Flickr account, and add your Apo photos to the Apogaea pool, or simply tag your photos with “Apogaea”, and perhaps tag the year as well. It would be ideal if you both tagged your photos and added them to the Apogaea pool.

»Contact media@apogaea.com for more information


We now have a Youtube channel where community members have created and uploaded videos.

»Apogaea YouTube Channel

If you have questions, want to send us some great photos and videos, or have any other media related issue, please contact media@apogaea.com