Apogaea - Regional Colorado Burning Man Event

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Not sure where to begin? Try us — Volunteers@apogaea.com


The Board of Directors

All members of the Apogaea Board of Directors — missioncontrol@apogaea.com

Click here to see the current Board Members


Please visit the Ticket FAQ page.

Theme Camps, Workshops, Performance and Art Installations

Creative Grants — grants@apogaea.com
Performing at the event — centercamp@apogaea.com
Placement —  placement@apogaea.com
Register workshops and activities in the WWWW event guide —  wwww@apogaea.com
Registration and theme camps — registration@apogaea.com

Communications, Media, Public Relations, Website and IT

Public Relations — outreach@apogaea.com
External communications, website content — telemetry@apogaea.com
Photography, video and graphic design — media@apogaea.com
IT issues and tech support — it@apogaea.com
Website functionality — webmonkeys@apogaea.com

Event Safety/Emergency Services

Medical/Fire/EMS Services — BAMF@apogaea.com
Apogaea Rangers — rangers@apogaea.com

On-Site Operations

Infrastructure / Department of Public Works — dpw@apogaea.com
Volunteering — volunteers@apogaea.com

To reach specific departments (Group Addresses)

Accounting Team — accounting@apogaea.com
A.S.S. (Apogaea Security Squad) — ass@apogaea.com
Degreeters — degreeters@apogaea.com
Department of Mutant Vehicles — dmv@apogaea.com
Department of Public Works/Infrastructure — dpw@apogaea.com
Effigy Team — effigy@apogaea.com
Event Maps — maps@apogaea.com
Fire Convergence — fireconvergence@apogaea.com
Fire Performance — fireperformance@apogaea.com
Gate/Entrance — gate@apogaea.com
Greening/Earth Guardians/Sustainability — greeners@apogaea.com
Greeters — greeters@apogaea.com
Ignition Fluffer — fluffer@apogaea.com
Info Booth — infobooth@apogaea.com
Lamplighters — lamplighters@apogaea.com
Land Research Team —  land@apogaea.com
Media Department Parking — parkingbadgers@apogaea.com
Quartermaster — quartermaster@apogaea.com
Scholarship Tickets — scholarships@apogaea.com
Sound Guidelines — sound@apogaea.com
Temple Champion — templechampion@apogaea.com
Theme Camps — themecamps@apogaea.com
Ticket Artwork Contest — ticketart@apogaea.com
Ticket Issues — tickets@apogaea.com
Transportation — transportation@apogaea.com
Volunteer Gifts Lead — volunteergifts@apogaea.com
Youth Lead — youth@apogaea.com

If you have a question or comment for a specific member of the Apogaea organization or department leads (we call these folks ‘Ignition!’) please visit the organization page, where you will find individual email addresses for everyone on the team!


Mailing Address

PO Box 8836
Denver, CO 80201